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Two new workshops


Storytelling workshop

I am excited to announce two new workshops that I will be hosting in partnership with the Hong Kong Archives Society.

Hope to see you there!

Share Your Ideas through Storytelling


Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication, from the earliest days it has been used to share ideas, beliefs, culture and heritage. It is a powerful medium of instruction that captures the imagination of the audience and allows them to connect with the past. Today cultural institutions like libraries, archives and museums employ storytelling as an effective means to share their resources and fulfill their mission.

Robert Trio, a museum professional with 20 years of experience, will share his strategies to make storytelling a fundamental component of exhibition and programme planning. By using different storytelling approaches institutions can make their message more meaningful, relevant and entertaining.

All participants are encouraged to bring an ordinary object to the workshop that can serve as jumping off point to how to build an effective story.

Course Details
Course Code : 2016_AM_01
Date : April 9, 2016
Time : 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue : Po Leung Kuk Museum, 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Course Fee : HK$250
Medium : English
Speaker : Mr. Robert Trio, Museum Consultant

Archives and Museums in the Digital Age


Museums focus on three core objectives:
preserving their collections, education and exhibition of objects and ideas. Museums in the digital age have been transformed by technology in all three areas. Perhaps the most dramatic area is in the way that they share information

Archives focus on preserving documentary heritage. At present archives are searching for digital solutions to archiving
and how to implement online sharing of resources.

This lecture focuses on practices and ethical issues surrounding digital platforms and how they museums and archives interact with the public.


  • Definition of a museum and an archives
  • Digital cataloging
  • Digital Asset Management Systems
  • Social Media
  • Intellectual Property Issues


  • Discussion – how are museums and archives different from other cultural institutions
  • Exercise – physical cataloging verses digital cataloging
  • Demonstration – How to apply metadata to an object
  • Explore – different social media platforms
  • Discussion – what needs to be considered when addressing IP issues?


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Outside the glass case - objects come alive

Outside the glass case – objects come alive

That magic feeling

My first job working in the museum field was as a guide. I was still in high school and I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local museum giving people tours. I can still remember the magical feeling that comes about when you help people to make a connection to something tangible, to something from their own experience.

I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do this type of hands-on work in recent years. My role has mainly been behind-the-scenes helping to create environments and opportunities for visitors to enjoy.

Native American speaker

Recently – a group of young children visited the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. They are learning about local history and applying what they know to learn in order to write better in English. The course instructor desired that the students could speak with a native English speaker at the museum. I was told. “I was close enough.” (After all I am a native American speaker)

Some pretty sharp kids interviewed me about my job. I decided it was a good opportunity to pull out one of the museum’s artifacts and let them see it close up. The object I chose was a photo album, circa 1908.

Getting that old feeling back

I was reminded how powerful that the tangible object is. The album fascinated the children. Many of them had never seen one before. And the concept that a person who was on vacation would create this to preserve their memories was bizarre.

I then showed them how I take an object like this and transform it into a digital medium. Although I had a large screen projector, the children still kept going back to the real object.

Once again – I am reminded of how powerful the real is. No matter special the digital experience can be it must be rooted in something tangible.

Digital copy of the photo album

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Digitization workshop

Archives workshopIn June I was asked to give a workshop by the Hong Kong Archives Society on the topic of digitization.

After the lecture I recreated the lecture to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy it.


Digitization is becoming a standard practice for libraries, archives and museum around the world. No longer a luxury, LAMs utilize digitization as a part of a larger collections management policy. Today every institution must create a practice that is based on a standard and consistent with their institutional mission and vision.

Robert Trio, Project Officer for Technology at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, will conduct a workshop that explores different strategies in building a building a digitization policy. The areas will discuss capture, documentation, access and long-term sustainability. He will also discuss a recent digitization project that the museum undertook in partnership with Kyoto University.

The workshop will be designed as an open discussion. Although technical specifications will be a part of the talk, the workshop is designed to focus more on the issues that institutions must face and consider.


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