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Pony Rivalry



The only horse I ever owned

In the summer of 1986 I purchased my first car, a 1967 Ford Mustang. It was the beginning a life-long interest with a vehicle that is an American icon and a piece of automotive history. In the 1960’s the Mustang was the leader of a new category of cars known as the Pony Class. The Pony Class spawned a new type of vehicle for people who were looking for style, power and affordability.

HK Classic Car and Vintage Festival

Cars are a passion for me and that is why I was excited to join Hong Kong’s first Annual classic car show, the HK Classic Car and Vintage Festival. This is a three-day event that will be held in October that highlights the best classic cars and motorcycles of the area. The event will also play host to a number of opportunities like talks, vintage fancy dress, family activities, music and food.

The Pony Class

I will be hosting a talk at the festival of the Pony Class of the 1960’s and how it shaped the American car industry. This is a hot topic because even today people feel very strongly about the brand they support. I believe strongly that it was the rivalry between the Mustang, Camaro, the Barracuda, the Challenger and their subsequent Pontiac, Mercury and General Motors spinoffs that made this class great.

I will also be helping to curate an exhibition on classic cars that have shaped Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong is not known as a manufacturing site of cars, it is the home of every major dealership including the high-end luxury brands that come out of Italy, Germany and Britain.

Check out the HK Classic Car and Vintage Festival website to find out more about this unique opportunity in Hong Kong.

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